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Rising Star: A Keep-Moving Navigational Tool Powerpoint  

Rising Star on the Illinois Interactive Report Card (IIRC) Tutorial 

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Rising Star is a web-based continuous improvement planning system based upon indicators of effective professional practices supported by research briefs known as Wise Ways®. Rising Star resides on the Illinois Interactive Report Card (IIRC), which is hosted by Northern Illinois University. Rising Star is Illinois’ official system of record for all statewide district and school continuous improvement planning. (http://www.roe02.com/images/docs/rsbro.pdf)


Center on Innovation and Improvement website  &  brochure

The Center on Innovation & Improvement supports regional centers in their work with states to provide districts, schools, and families with the opportunity, information, and skills to make wise decisions on behalf of students. (http://www.centerii.org/aboutus/)


Indistar website  &  brochure

Indistar: The Basics 

Indistar® is a web-based system implemented by a state education agency, district, or charter school organization for use with district and/or school improvement teams to inform, coach, sustain, track, and report improvement activities. 

Similar to a global positioning system (GPS), Indistar® tells you where you are and helps you get to where you want to be — every child learning and every school improving. Indistar® is stocked with indicators of evidence-based practices at the district, school, and classroom levels to improve student learning. But Indistar® is also customizable, so that the client (SEA, LEA, or charter organization) can populate or enhance the system with its own indicators of effective practice. The system also accommodates rubrics for assessment of the indicators.  (http://www.indistar.org/whatis/)

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