Substitute Teaching
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To Schedule Fingerprinting for Substitute Teaching 


  • Cost is $55, please bring payment with you to your appointment.
  • Personal or district check, cash, money orders, or credit or debit cards are accepted forms of payment 


Lisa Price, Ethos Fingerprinting in El Paso, IL - 309-340-4266 (

Important Memo to All Subs


We recommend that you contact districts in which you are interested in subbing, as many use automated sub call systems and have information for you.


ROE 53 Sub List - Distributed to Districts

The list will be sent to Mason, Tazewell, and Woodford county schools. All submissions will be reviewed for accuracy and all requirements being met before being placed on the list for distribution to schools. It is also recommended that you apply for substitute teaching jobs at the district office of the district/s in which you wish to work.



Illinois Licensed Teachers as Subs:

If an educator holds a valid Professional Educator License (PEL) with a teaching endorsement registered with the region/s in which they wish to sub, a substitute license is not needed to substitute teach.  You would need to have been fingerprinted as a sub and have a physical from within the last 90 days in order to apply for substitute teaching jobs within ROE 53.

To become a Sub if you do not currently hold an Illinois teaching license:

If you do not currently hold a Professional Educator License will need to apply online through ELIS to obtain a Substitute License. 

  1. Create an account at  in the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS)
  2. Bring in or mail an official transcript (in the original unopened envelope), showing a Bachelor's degree or higher, to ROE #53 at 414 Court Street, Suite 100, Pekin, IL 61554. To be considered official, transcripts must be submitted in the sealed envelope from the college or university or be sent directly by the institution. Transcripts received that are not in a sealed envelope from the university or sent directly from the university will be considered unofficial and cannot be used for evaluation purposes.
  3. Once you have signed up for an account, and the ROE has your transcript, you may log in and choose 'Apply for a Sub License'.
  4. A $50 fee will be assessed electronically when the application is submitted (please have a credit card available).  A credit card processing fee will be charged.
  5. Once the license is granted-which may take several days- it will say 'Issued' in your account.  You must then register your license for the region you want to sub in by logging into you ELIS account and clicking 'Registration' in the Action Center.  Registering your license will cost $50.00, and a credit card processing fee will be charged.
  6. To substitute in our region, you must possess the” Substitute Authorization” letter from a Regional Office of Education.  You get this letter by being fingerprinted in our office (or through Lisa Price in El Paso - see above).  Fingerprinting cost at the ROE is $55.00, which we can accept in cash, check, or money order only.  You must call and schedule an appointment in advance at (309) 477-2290. 
  7. Applicant is fingerprinted and results are faxed directly to the ROE office, typically within 48 hours.
  8. Once all documentation, including fingerprint results, is received at the ROE, a substitute authorization form and the background check results will be mailed to the applicant.  The authorization form and background check results will be requested by each school that the substitute works in. 
  9. The last step would be obtaining a physical or statement of good health issued from a physician.  The physical must be from within 90 days of employment.  Here is an form that you can use for the statement of good health, must be completed by physician or medical practitioner:  Statement of Good Health Form

Retired Illinois Teachers as Subs:

Any retiree that wants to be on the sub list for the ROE will have the same requirements as any other sub as far as providing updated physical/statement of good health and fingerprinting.

  • You may sub off of your teaching license (PEL) – no sub certificate necessary as long as you keep your PEL renewed and registered with ROE 53.
  • If subbing solely for the district from which you retired, ISBE Legal still recommends updating your file (health and fingerprint). Many, if not all long-term veteran teachers, have never been fingerprinted nor had a physical in many years. It is considered a change in employment and should be updated.


**Important Applicant Responsibilities**

  • Take original physical/statement of good health from an appropriately licensed physician to each district so the district can make a copy of your originals for their files
  • Take original state and federal fingerprint results to each district so district can make a copy of your originals for their files
  • Complete the ROE 53 Substitute Teacher Registration form to be on the sub list distributed to districts
  • Register with the ROE 53 region through your ELIS account
  • Complete all requirements for licensure (PEL for teachers or ELS those without teacher licensure) outlined by code/law
  • Maintain licensure registration and renewal


For more questions or information, contact the Regional Office of Education at 309-477-2290 or...