Work Permits
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 Procedures for obtaining a Work Permit are as follows:

  •     Application is job dependent - must have offer from an employer
  •     Parents and employer read the excerpts from the Illinois Child Labor Laws
  •     Birth Certificate must be provided as proof of age
  •     Fill out an Application for Employment Certificate/Work Permit
  •     Have certificate of physical fitness completed by physician
  •     Have a Statement completed by the applicant's Principal
  •     Have statement by prospective employer completed
  •     Return all items to the ROE in person


Employment Certificates for Minors Info 

Child Labor Law

Considered Hazardous Occupations


Necessary Forms:

  1. Application for Employment Certificate (Work Permit)
  2. Required Parental Information
  3. Physician's Release Form
  4. Principal's Statement
  5. Statement of Prospective Employer